Treatment Videos

At the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we want to provide the very best information available about vein conditions, issues, and of course treatments. The following videos offer a selection of various subjects. You can discover the basics about vein diseases—everything from those cosmetic issues up to serious medical vein conditions.

The videos will also give you a look at some of the various treatments available, both surgical and non-surgical options. Additionally, you can learn about some of the common myths surrounding various vein diseases.

The live surgery videos can give you a glimpse of what the actual procedures for treating vein diseases actually entail. These videos can often put your mind at ease, especially if you are looking at undergoing one of these procedures. You will find that these videos are a great source of information about what happens during the procedure from start to finish.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Wright Videos

Patient Testimonials

Some of our favorite videos are the patient testimonials. Actual patients talk about undergoing procedures performed by Dr. Wright. These patients include those who suffer from various conditions, such as lipedema and varicose veins, and the treatment they received at the St. Louis Laser Vein Center.

At the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we offer these videos to provide a high level of information and education to patients. We want you to feel completely confident in any treatment that you may be considering.

Our staff invites anyone who wants to know more about any of the conditions and/or treatments outlined in these videos to give us a call. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your individual case and provide information that can help you make the best decision to keep your veins and overall self healthy!

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