Bellafill Buttock and Bella Buttock Bundle

Sculpting the ideal physique is something that both men and women hold up as a goal across the globe. While much can be done in the way of diet and exercise to create a physical appearance that’s pleasing to individuals, there are certain areas of the body where cosmetic enhancement may be the best solution to create that one-of-a-kind physique that truly inspires a patient. Cosmetic treatments that can successfully target and enhance certain areas of the body that aren’t affected by diet and exercise can also work to boost patient self-confidence.

While there are many areas of the body that tend to be a focus for both men and women, buttock enhancement has noticeably been a growing trend across the board. While some individuals seek a fuller buttock with a rounder shape overall, others are looking to achieve a more athletic-looking posterior through cosmetic intervention.

While options in the past may have been limited to more invasive routes when it came to buttock enhancements, patients looking to utilize this treatment option today are often thrilled to learn that advancement in the world of cosmetic technology means a wide variety of non-surgical options are readily available.

Great Candidates for Non-Surgical Buttocks Enhancement

Non-surgical cosmetic solutions for buttock enhancement tend to come with a reputation for more natural-looking results as opposed to invasive options such as implants. These results also tend to be less drastic than surgically placed implants, providing just the right amount of lift for a patient that values a non-surgical approach as well as quick recovery time. The ideal candidate for this type of non-invasive procedure is someone who is either naturally slender, or extremely close to their ideal weight in relationship to their height and body type.

Understanding Bellafill Buttock Enhancement

An extremely popular option on the non-surgical cosmetic market for individuals hoping to go the route of a buttock enhancement is Bellafill. This long-lasting filler has been used in the world of cosmetic services for over 10 years and is frequently turned to when treating fine lines and wrinkles in the face or other delicate areas of the body. Bellafill’s ability to stimulate collagen production as well as other skin proteins makes it a wonderful filler to use for non-surgical buttock enhancements as well. Diluted, Bellafill can successfully cover large areas of the body, including the buttocks region and stimulate the same collagen production and skin growth it would in the facial area. This ultimately leads to increased tissue volume and thickness at the treatment site. Bellafill can be expected to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years after begin injected, allowing patients the peace of mind of knowing they are undergoing a treatment option that comes with long-term results.


A secondary option on the market for lifting, sculpting and ultimately enhancing the buttock through non-surgical means is Emsculpt. This procedure focuses electromagnetic energy on the treatment site to simulate deep muscle contractions at a higher rate of speed than could humanly be achieved at the gym. Over the course of 30 minutes during a single session, muscle are targeted and contracted to the point of eliminating fat cells in the area and toning the muscles below. During this session, muscles in the targeted region can be contracted up to 20,000 times without ever having to do a single squat.

The Bella Butt Bundle

For men and women that are looking to achieve buttock enhancement as quickly and successfully as possible, many cosmetic physicans recommend the Bella Butt Bundle. This is a combination of Bellfill injections and Emsculpt, used together to eliminate excess fat and tone and lift the buttock using non-surgical methods exclusively. While each product does its part to tone and sculpt the area, in combination, they are highly effective as the muscle contractions Emsculpt stimulates help to promote Bellafill particles at the treatment site.

Process, Results and Recovery

The Bella Butt Bundle is performed in the comfort of an attending physician’s office and begins with a clear outline of the treatment site. Once the area is marked and cleaned, a small cannula is used to inject a specified combination of Bellafill and a diluted local anesthetic. Once the Bellafill injection is complete, an Emsculpt session begins. Because Bellafill is an injection, some visible results may be noticeable right away following treatment, but many patients see improved results after a series of Emsculpt sessions over the following weeks. At most, patients report minimal bruising, swelling or redness at the treatment area which will disappear within a day or two generally. Because both of these procedures are non-surgical, patients can enjoy safe and effective results without the worries or risks associated with a long hospital stay, use of general anesthesia or risk of infection associated with a lengthy recovery period.

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