The Difference Between Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

The appearance of veins that can be seen through our skin can harm our self-confidence and have us scrambling to cover them up day in and day out. The most common forms of vein disease are spider veins and varicose veins, and while these two forms of vein disease both produce visible veins under our skin, they are very different from one another.

Their Appearance

As mentioned, spider veins and varicose veins are both very noticeable but appear vastly different. Spider veins are called such because they are particularly small and spread almost like a web over the impacted area. Spider veins appear as thin, red, purple, and blue patches of web-like vessels. Varicose veins on the other hand are significantly bigger and appear as large, rope-like, swollen blood vessels. This type of vein disease typically develops in our legs.

Similar Causes

While spider veins and varicose veins differ in appearance, they do have similar causes. Individuals can be more susceptible to spider veins and varicose veins if they are pregnant, are obese, use particular kinds of hormone therapy, have a history of blood clots, or have a genetic predisposition to them. External damage to the skin such as surgery and exposure to UV rays can also cause the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins.

Symptoms of Spider and Varicose Veins

The causes of spider veins and varicose veins are where the similarities end. The symptoms between the two vary, with varicose veins being the more severe form of vein disease. Individuals who have developed varicose veins often report aching, cramping, and even pain. Additional symptoms of varicose veins can also include restlessness, throbbing, and heaviness in the legs that are impacted. Spider veins are primarily a superficial condition and do not have any health impact. However, if left untreated, spider veins can grow worse over time.

Treatment for Vein Disease

Leaving varicose veins untreated can set you up for further health problems, especially if you develop blood clots. Spider veins are simple to treat and can be dealt with through quick and easy procedures.

Your Vein Treatment at the Laser Vein Center

We offer a variety of treatment options here at the Laser Vein Center. Simply call today for your free consultation and see if you are an ideal candidate for our treatment packages.

3 Vein Treatments with Great Results

At the Laser Vein Center, we offer a variety of options when it comes to treating vein disease. Our specialists are highly trained in each procedure, making sure you receive the vein treatment and care you deserve. Here are three of our special vein treatments and the incredible results that come with them:


If you are experiencing spider veins, we have a quick and easy way to get rid of them. Spider veins are typically superficial and do not offer any harm in most cases. However, they can be annoying to see every day and cause confidence issues. Sclerotherapy is a spider vein treatment which can get rid of spider veins with a special chemical irritant. This injection causes spider veins to swell, scar, and eventually be absorbed by the body. The procedure is quick and painless with results that can be seen in a very short period of time.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

If you are experiencing varicose veins, you will want to seek treatment before any medical issues can arise. Fortunately, we provide Endovenous Laser Ablation that is an incredible treatment in place of more invasive surgical treatments. This treatment works by making a tiny incision on the vein and using laser technology to seal it off. Eventually the closed down vein will be absorbed into the body safely, thus removing the varicose vein. Patients of Endovenous Laser Ablation are able to walk immediately after their procedure and have a quick recovery time. If the patient does experience any discomfort, it is nothing that over the counter pain medication will not clear up.

Vein Phlebectomy

Individuals with more advanced symptoms of vein disease may require another type of procedure called a vein phlebectomy. This procedure is a replacement treatment for vein stripping and does not deal with any of the high risk of complications vein stripping is known for. Instead, tiny incisions are made around the affected veins that are being treated. The tangled veins are then removed with a phlebectomy hook. Vein phlebectomy is minimally invasive and all the patient requires is local anesthetic to remain comfortable. This treatment has a 90% success rate and has minimal side effects and scar tissue from the procedure.

Vein Treatments Done Right

Trust the professionals at the Laser Vein Center for your vein health needs. We offer these three incredibly successful treatments and many more. Call today for your free consultation and let Dr. Wright and his team find the treatment that will best assist you with your vein disease.

Vein Treatment for Face & Hand

Unsightly veins can appear all over our body as we get older. However, some of the most noticeable areas where veins can develop are around our face and hands. We use our hands every day and faces are the main focus in any social environment. Fortunately, there are many options for vein treatment that can help you get rid of these unwanted veins.

VeinWave for Facial Vein Treatment

Prominent veins can develop on our faces naturally or as a side effect of facial reconstructive surgery. When completing this facial vein treatment, we provide the finishing touch with a round of VeinWave therapy. VeinWave is a very brief and pain-free procedure that helps remove spider veins that develop in facial skin tissue. We use radiofrequency energy to cause the spider veins to permanently close and be absorbed into the body. VeinWave can even be used to treat veins on your cheeks and side of your nose to completely remove unwanted veins on the face.

Hand Vein Sclerotherapy

Unlike facial veins that are spread out and thin, hand veins can appear as large bulging veins. This can cause the hands of many women to appear unusually muscular and have an “old lady look.” While hands can reveal our true age, our technicians are able to hide it with hand vein sclerotherapy. This incredible vein treatment procedure is quick, easy and virtually painless. Hand vein sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment that causes superficial veins in the hands to permanently close and be absorbed back into the body. Our hands and arms have several veins that return blood back to our heart, making this procedure easy on the body. At least one arm vein will remain in your hands to allow future medications and treatments to be administered if required. The best part of hand vein sclerotherapy is that it is virtually painless and does not require any form of anesthetic. The only recovery you need is keeping a compression bandage on your hands for the two hours after your procedure. With such a simple procedure and recovery there is no reason why hand vein sclerotherapy would not work for you.

Treat Your Facial and Hand Veins Today

Start to feel better about your looks again today with these treatments available at the Laser Vein Center. Dr. Wright and his team of technicians will walk every patient through these minimally invasive procedures during your free consultation. Simply give us a call today and see if you are an ideal candidate for facial and hand vein treatments.

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Beautiful and Healthy Through Summer

The first signs of aging generally tend to show up in our faces. Fine lines begin to appear, and our skin dries out and loses that youthful glow. We long for the days when our skincare routine involved nothing more than washing our faces before going to bed each night. We thought our invincibility would last forever, but we were wrong. Today, keeping our skin looking young involves a much longer process that can become even more complicated once the summer heat arrives; this guide to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy throughout the season will help you stay as young and invincible as you imagined you always would be! Learn all about how we do skin care in Missouri.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can sap your skin of that glow that tells the world Father Time hasn’t walked all over you, and while there are different schools of thought on how much water you should drink, we feel that drinking at least eight glasses of water each day should do the trick.

Use Sunscreen

It’s a well-known fact that the sun is one of the top causes for skin damage. Nothing ages you faster than the dry and leathery look of sun damage. Wearing sunscreen whenever you have to be out in the sun can limit the damage and keep your skin looking fresh and dewy. Be sure to reapply often when swimming or while sweating profusely.

Wash Your Face Before Going to Bed

The one thing we did right in our youth was washing off the make-up, oils, and dirt before going to sleep. Opening up your pores and letting skin take a break from the insults of summer living will keep your skin looking youthful. This is one of the most important things we focus on, for our skin care in Missouri routine.

Wear Moisturizer

Keeping skin moist is key to maintaining that youthful glow, and the right moisturizers can help reverse the damage caused by the sun, chlorine in the pool, or air pollution. If prone to acne, choose an oil-free type that is light on your skin.

Skin Care in Missouri – Consider the Dermatological Services of St. Louis Laser Veins

If you are suffering from unsightly spider veins that make your skin look less than youthful, give us a call today! We can help you restore the beautiful, glowing look you once had. Contact Dr. Wright at the Laser Vein Center today for your free consultation for skin care in Missouri. Learn more about our staff today!

Benefits of Ultrasound Diagnosis of Vein Disease

When it comes to identifying vein disease, there is one method of diagnosis that achieves accurate results and with related benefits. We use Doppler ultrasound technology to achieve every vein disease diagnosis so you can rest easy knowing what exactly is causing the symptoms of your vein disease.

Finding the Issues Effectively

Ultrasound technology is able to catch deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in an interactive display. Identifying the cause of a blood clot is just the start of the many benefits of an ultrasound diagnosis. In addition to the cause, ultrasound can also help guide sclerotherapy, one of the many treatments we offer to treat vein disease. This is achieved by mapping out the internal layout of your vein system. By better understanding your veins we can develop the appropriate treatment for you. Doppler ultrasound can map out any vein clots, blockages, tumors, and narrowing vessels you may have.

Quick and Easy Diagnosis of Vein Disease

Another incredible benefit of an ultrasound diagnosis is the speed and accuracy of each measure. Doppler Vascular Ultrasound technology is extremely fast, so you do not have to be in our office for hours at a time. Our transducer sends out ultrasound waves that track and record the appearance of your veins.

Painless Diagnosis

Vein disease can be a painful condition that is difficult to live with. Luckily, diagnosing vein disease through Doppler ultrasound is completely painless. The ultrasound waves are able to track your veins and impacted areas without any incisions. Rest easy knowing your diagnosis will be quick and painless.

Covered by Insurance

Just because you are receiving an ultrasound diagnosis from a cosmetic office does not mean you will have to pay for everything out of pocket. Most insurance policies can cover the complete cost of your Doppler ultrasound screening. Make sure to call your insurance provider prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure your diagnosis is covered.

Comprehensive Evaluation by St. Louis Laser Veins

When booking your Doppler ultrasound diagnosis with us you will be receiving a comprehensive step-by-step evaluation by Dr. Wright and his trained team. This process ensures you receive the best diagnosis for your vein disease and its symptoms.

Call Today for Your Free Consultation

You can find the best diagnosis for your vein disease today simply by calling Laser Vein Center. Our free consultation will answer any initial questions you have and set you up with the best treatment options.

Tips for Optimal Vein Health in St. Louis

It is important to keep your body healthy to prevent the development of vein disease as you get older. From restricting certain foods from your diet to staying hydrated, there’s multiple ways you can help your veins continue to be healthy for years to come. Here are some helpful tips to keep optimal vein health in St. Louis:

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad for your health in a variety of ways, including affecting your vein health in St. Louis. Smoking introduces various chemicals to your body that can narrow your arteries and cause blood clots. Make sure to put that cigarette out and enjoy a healthy vein system.

Stay Active

Physical activity is important for our health in general and just taking a walk can help with your blood flow. If you are unable to perform more strenuous workouts, make sure to go for a daily walk that can help with weight loss. Walking is recommended over other workouts that can put strain on your veins such as weight lifting.

Drink Plenty of Water for Vein Health in St. Louis

Staying hydrated is critical for your vein health, as hydration allows your blood to stay thinner. Our bodies may begin to swell and bloat when dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water on you at all times to stay hydrated even on the warmest of days.

Take a Stand

If you work at a desk job you may find yourself sitting for prolonged periods of time. Take the time to stand during alternating periods throughout the day to stretch out your muscles. Blood can pool in your legs when you sit down for long periods of time. It never hurts to ask your job to supply a standing desk!

Compression Stockings

Another way to help encourage blood flow in your legs is by wearing compression stockings. If you find yourself sitting for long periods during the day you can help your veins out by wearing compression stockings.

To Healthy Veins

These are some quick and easy ways to support your vein health in St. Louis for years to come. If you are dealing with vein disease, trust the professionals at the Laser Vein Center. Call today for your free consultation and see what kind of treatments are available to help you achieve healthy veins.

Skin Cancer Screenings from the Laser Vein Center

Not only do we provide the best vein treatment in St.Louis at the Laser Vein Center, but we are also able to detect skin cancer through our in-depth screenings. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States with approximately 20% of Americans developing it at some point in their life. Skin cancer screenings in St Louis are an easy way to identify skin cancer and receive treatment at its earliest stages.

Who Should Get Screened?

Contrary to popular belief, individuals of all skin colors and tones can develop skin cancer. There are several skin characteristics that can cause an individual to be more susceptible to skin cancer. We recommend our skin cancer screenings to anyone over the age of 65 and those who are fair skinned. It is also recommended for individuals with over 50 moles on their body or with atypical moles; this irregular growth of moles can cause the individual to be at a greater risk of melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Other Skin Cancer Types

Melanoma is not the only type of skin cancer that our screenings can detect. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are just as important to detect. Basal cell carcinoma often appears as a brown scaly patch of skin tissue that is frequently exposed to the sun and is the most common form of skin cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma is often found on areas of the body exposed to UV rays and can even spread to underlying tissue and bones. Our skin cancer screenings can help detect of these two skin cancer types along with melanoma.

Why Skin Cancer Screenings in St Louis are Important

By receiving skin cancer screenings in St Louis, at least once every year you can achieve a higher success for cancer treatment. Our screenings take place in a private setting where you can confide about any changes you may have noticed. Every area of the body will be examined by a physician who is an expert in detecting skin cancer to ensure optimize the likelihood of detecting any skin cancer.

Choosing the Laser Vein Center for Your Skin Cancer Screenings

While vein treatment is our specialty, we provide thorough and complete skin cancer screenings in St Louis on site. Allow our board-certified dermatologists to detect any form of skin cancer at its earliest possible stage. To set up your skin cancer screening, simply give us a call today and schedule your free consultation. It is as easy as trusting the certified staff at the Laser Vein Center!

VeinWave for Facial Veins

While most spider veins typically occur around the legs, they can develop around other areas as well, including the face. Spider veins can be an unsightly appearance developing around your nose and across your cheeks, making you constantly appear flushed. While sclerotherapy can be used on some the larger facial veins, the small red thread like vein that often appear on the face are difficult to treat with sclerotherapy. Fortunately, we offer VeinWave, a state-of-the-art St Louis vein treatment procedure that can remove this vein disease in a quick and pain-free procedure.

How It Works

VeinWave is a simple procedure that uses radio waves that are generated from a handheld device. Our technicians will carefully direct these radio waves to your impacted areas, causing the afflicted veins to close down. The handheld device makes it easy to target even the hardest to reach areas.

Why VeinWave for St Louis Vein Treatment?

When it comes to a spider St Louis vein treatment you have several options to choose from. Other treatments that can target the face include laser and light treatments, but you must be careful about sun exposure. Sclerotherapy can be used on the larger blue veins but it is not great for the tiny red veins. These options, however, have the rare potential to cause burning and scarring along the treated areas. The great thing about choosing VeinWave is that the risks are even lower than other low-risk vein treatments; it is also pain-free.

The Benefits of VeinWave

Being a pain-free procedure is not the only benefit of choosing VeinWave over another St Louis vein treatment. In addition, you can expect a quick and effective treatment that uses only the most cutting-edge technology to remove unwanted spider veins. Your treatment is given in a step by step process by a trained technician to ensure you receive only the best results. VeinWave can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, making it the perfect lunchtime treatment. Our patients can immediately return to their everyday activities without worry of side effects.

Candidates for VeinWave

If you are in generally good health you can be a candidate for VeinWave. It is that simple, as this treatment does not have common side effects that other treatments have.

Your Vein Health Center

If you are ready to say goodbye to your spider veins, pick up the phone and call the Laser Vein Center. Our staff is trained in a variety of procedures that can have you looking your best again. Call today for your free consultation and see if VeinWave is a preferred procedure for you.

Compression Therapy for Vein Disease

Vein disease can affect you in a variety of ways, from minor symptoms to more severe conditions. When looking to treat vein disease, most treatment plans often start with one of the oldest forms of treatment called compression therapy. This form of vein disease treatment involves wearing compression stockings that help improve the circulation in your legs or arms and reduce any swelling. Minor cases may only require individuals to wear these stockings during the day, while more severe cases might require them to be worn 24 hours a day. Either way, finding a resolution to the symptoms of vein disease requires the assistance of trained medical professionals. Here is what you need to know about compression therapy at the Laser Vein Center:

How It Works

When designing compression stockings, they need to be tighter in certain areas to be effective. Specifically, compression stockings are tighter at the bottom, with compression lessening as you move up the dressed limb. This special design allows the blood flow to be supported and go in the right direction. Most vein disease stems from ineffective valves in the veins affecting proper blood flow; compression stockings take pressure off the valves and allow them to function more effectively.

Different Designs for Different Situations

No two patients are the same, and the same can be said for how vein disease can impact each person. This means that compression stockings need to be sized appropriately to the patient. Each patient receiving compression therapy will be appropriately fitted with a compression stocking that is designed for them. While mass produced compression stockings can be purchased at a local pharmacy, they only come in standard sizes. Avoid the false benefits of a size that does not fit you and make sure to get prescription compression stockings that are right for you.

Multiple Uses

As mentioned, the severity of vein disease often determines the treatment method. Less severe cases can be treated by simply wearing compression stockings with no further procedure needed. However, more severe cases may require laser surgery to remove the impacted vein. Following this procedure, we prescribe our patients compression stockings to accelerate the healing process. This allows compression stockings to be used in a variety of ways.

Receive Compression Therapy Services Today

If you believe you can benefit from compression therapy, simply give us a call today. This simple treatment can help alleviate a variety of symptoms of vein disease. Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation for compression therapy!

What Your Veins Say About Your Health

One of the most common cosmetic issues we deal with on a daily basis is vein disease. It can impact anyone and in a variety of ways. Some individuals may suffer more from certain symptoms, while others may barely see any changes across the impacted areas. Simply knowing what to look for in your veins can give you an idea about your own personal health.

Starts with Your Body

Developing vein disease can often be directly related to your body and health. Some individuals may be prone to developing vein disease from genetic factors, while others will develop vein disease from their own daily activities. Vein disease is caused when blood begins to pool in your veins, most often in the legs. This can be due to faulty blood valves that are not doing their job properly. When examining the impact of health on vein disease, there are several common risk factors: blood clots, obesity, cancer, pregnancy, smoking, family history, and long periods of inactivity. Many of these factors cause significant stress on your body, leaving it vulnerable to developing vein disease, although some can be prevented.

The 6 Stages of Vein Disease

As mentioned, vein disease does not develop the same for every individual. However, one common factor is that vein disease can appear in six separate stages.

Stage 1: The first stage, spider veins, is a superficial condition and is the mildest onset of vein disease. Most individuals with vein disease will experience this first stage.

Stage 2: The second stage, varicose veins, is when most individuals begin to notice the onset of vein disease. Approximately 75% of individuals at this stage will begin to notice symptoms that will interfere with daily activities. Your health now is more important than ever.

Stage 3: The symptoms that impact your health only continue to get worse with each developing stage. Stage 3 of vein disease, leg edema, is when the body is unable to absorb fluid in the impacted sites, causing it to swell. While the swelling can be lessened by simply elevating the impacted limbs at the end of the day, it can be difficult to live with if you do not seek treatment.

Stage 4: The fourth stage, skin changes, is simply that: Your skin begins to show discoloration due to venous congestion. It is critical at this stage to be wary of any injuries as they can lead to frequent wounds and breaks in the skin.

Stages 5 & 6: The final two stages, which present as leg ulcers, are the final class of how vein disease can greatly impact your health. At these stages, vein disease greatly interferes with blood flow, causing injuries to heal very slowly, failure to provide nutrition to your skin, and significant skin discoloration. Stage 5 consists of healed ulcers, while Stage 6 denotes active ulcers. It is critical to seek treatment and schedule an appointment to check your vein health in St Louis if your vein disease has reached this stage.

Your Treatment Center for Vein Health in St Louis

Do not let vein disease interfere with your health any longer. We provide a variety of treatments for every stage of vein disease and help with your vein health in St Louis. Get back to feeling like yourself again with our advanced treatment options. At the St. Louis Laser Vein Center, we strive to provide the best vein health in St Louis! Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation to see how vein treatments can get you back your old health again!