Top Ways to Ease Leg Pain from Vein Disease

compression stockings to treat varicose veins

Many adults today suffer from vein pain in the leg, a condition where blood is unable to flow back to the heart and becomes trapped in the legs. While most symptoms are not life threatening, they can make everyday activities difficult to handle with chronic pain. Several treatment options are available to those suffering from vein disease. Here are a few options available to you and why you should consider them when looking to treat leg pain that is the result of vein disease.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a cheap and easy to acquire option when looking to treat pain from vein disease. The stockings compress the legs to help keep blood flowing in the right direction back to the center of the body. These stockings can easily be worn every day, and even when traveling. Stockings are available in a range of compression strengths that can be used according to a patient’s needs. Compression stockings may not be the most comfortable option, but they are cheap and easy to order to solve your vein pain in the leg.

Varicose Vein Removal

Varicose veins occur typically in the leg veins that return blood to the heart. They can develop into a bluish-purple color and begin to bulge when the blood pools. You may have seen these veins on an older family member or friend. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to treat this unwanted, uncomfortable condition.

In the past, vein stripping was one surgical procedure that stripped away the vein and left the patient with possible scars and bruising. Another older treatment is called phlebectomy where tiny incisions are made in the leg and vein hooks are used pull the varicose veins out of the leg . Both of these treatments are prone to leave scars and require surgical incisions into the legs. Luckily, there is a better option!

Endovascular Laser Therapy

State of the art procedures have been developed to take care of vein disease with minimal pain and bruising. Endovascular laser therapy is one such treatment that is quick and easy to receive. Small lasers are guided into the veins to close them off; the body then reroutes the blood through healthy pathways. A small amount of local anesthesia is all that is needed to receive the entire procedure. No short-term side effects have been observed outside of minor bruising and numbness that are quick to fade away.

Check with Your Doctor

Like any surgical procedure, it is always recommended to check with your local physician on the best treatments available for you to treat leg pain that is the result of vein disease. Easy short-term solutions such as compression stockings are easy to acquire, but may not be the most comfortable, while procedures that remove the affected veins such as endovascular laser therapy provide a safe, long-term solution with minimal side effects. End your leg pain today by calling St. Louis Laser Veins!