All About Vein Surgery and Phlebectomies


Phlebectomy, also known as stab avulsion, microphlebectomy, or ambulatory phlebectomy, is one of the vein surgery used to remove varicose veins. Several tiny incisions are made, through which the varicose vein is removed. It is a relatively minor procedure and does not require stiches or an overnight stay in the hospital. The procedure can also be done in combination with other varicose vein treatments, including laser or radiofrequency treatment and ligation and stripping.

What to Expect Before the Procedure?

Before undergoing a vein phlebectomy, the patient will have an evaluation of their veins performed. This deeper examination, which can include an ultrasound exam, will determine:

• The connection route of the veins. If the affected veins are connected to larger veins, these may need treatment before the phlebectomy.
• If there are clots in some veins that need treatment.
• If other procedures may be required in conjunction with the phlebectomy.

The Phlebectomy Procedure

The vein phlebectomy procedure is performed with a local anesthetic that is injected into the areas surrounding the affected veins. Tiny incisions about the size of a pen tip will be made. The vein will then be removed using a tool called a vein hook.

How Safe is This Procedure?

This procedure is considered very safe and usually presents no complications. In some rare cases, there may be some temporary color changes in the skin, pain, infection, or the appearance of spider veins.

Is Vein Phlebectomy Effective?

In the majority of cases, the procedure will improve the cosmetic appearance immediately after treatment. The procedure may not fix varicose veins if the majority of the leg veins are not healthy. In these cases, the phlebectomy procedure can be performed along side other treatments such as laser/radio frequency therapy, sclerotherapy, or vein stripping.

What is the Recovery Process for Vein Surgery?

You may experience some bruising and/or swelling. This is normal and will usually disappear after a few days. You may also notice some bumps around the incision area, and some mild discomfort. Again, these issues will usually go away after a few weeks.

You will be encouraged to get up and walk right after vein surgery, as well as go about your normal routine. You will need to wear compression garments, and it is advised that heavy lifting and strenuous exercise be avoided for approximately three days after the procedure.

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