Independent Vein Specialty Clinic vs. Hospital Facility: Why You Should Choose a Specialty Clinic


Choosing the correct facility is very important when you are searching for the best vein care and treatments. It is important that the facility has the most up-to-date technology, well-trained specialists with a lot of experience and most importantly: a good track record of results.

Most varicose and vein treatments are minimally invasive because of modern advancements and are usually done in an out-patient clinic. The days when every surgery was done in a hospital are long gone, and for good reason. Hospitals harbor dangerous pathogens, and have higher infection rates than free standing out-patient clinics. Our out-patient surgical center has never had an infection in its 15-year history. Hospitals are inconvenient for patients and their families. Navigating the halls and corridors to the different departments and waiting rooms of a hospital is taxing. Parking is always a distance from where you need to go. One of the biggest reasons to have your vein treatments done at out-patient facility is cost. In hospital associated facilities, the exact same surgery or procedure can cost 10 times as much. I don’t want to dwell too much on how hospitals and their associated facilities can charge so much more, but I will say that additional facility fees, anesthesia fees, and overall higher overhead cost that come with billion-dollar health care systems, can make them charge more and get paid more for the exact same services.

So, if the hospital associated specialist and facility are more expensive and inconvenient, does it matter since my insurance is paying for the treatment? Ten years ago, that question might have made some sense, but now almost every insurance plan has a deductible. The average deductible is over a thousand dollars and some are as high as five thousand dollars. In addition, many insurance plans have co-insurance or percent cost share once the deductible is met. This can make care too expensive for many people at hospital associated facilities. Thus, the cost of treatment for conditions like varicose veins or more serious vein problems like venous ulcers can be quite daunting to people with high deductibles. The good news is you can shop around. Varicose veins and other vein related conditions usually are not emergent issues. It pays to ask how much the surgery or treatment will cost. How much will your insurance pay? Will there be a charge for the room or facility where your procedure is done?

So, if you or a loved one need vein treatment, look for a vein center that is experienced, well trained and has a solid track record of good results and satisfied patients. Just remember to shop around because more and more hospitals are hiring physicians and surgeons to keep their hospitals and out-patient centers busy. Many people don’t know that they have choices which are both more convenient and much less expensive. Now more than ever, it pays to look at your bottom line and shop around.

Consider the Laser Vein Center for you

At Laser Vein Center, we are a specialty clinic that uses the most advanced and innovative technology within a comfortable clinic setting. We understand that vein disease is often misunderstood and therefore often does not receive the proper treatment. We know that vein disease can progress in some cases to become a serious medical problem. We know you have choices about where to get your vein care from.

We also know that medical care can be expensive and that patients today often have deductibles and co-insurances that can be a significant financial burden. We do not charge facility fees or anesthesia fees or other additional fees that can be costly to our patients. We ask that you consider us when you start shopping around for where to get your vein treatment.