How The New Veinwave Can Treat Telangiectasia

VeinwaveThe Veinwave was recently featured on CBS’s popular show, The Doctors. The airing briefly discussed the popularity of spider and thread veins, otherwise known as Telangiectasia. Veinwave provides an efficient alternative to other treatments like laser therapy or Schlerotherapy, where patients could get a bad reaction due to sensitive skin.

While the Veinwave is gentle on the skin, it’s also powerful for removing pesky veins on the legs, ankles, knees, midriff and even the face. Top cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Wright is one of the first few providers offering this treatment in the United States, and good to know:  Veinwave has also been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

Some helpful information about how it works, include:

  • The Veinwave takes roughly half hour to complete in a provider’s office.

  • It works by conveying radio waves to the veins, which causes them to seal and instantly disappear. The veins are targeted with small needle pricks to the area through a pen-like device. Patients describe it as being relatively pain-free.

  • These needles do not penetrate the veins, but rather open the depth to deliver and increase the efficacy of treatment.

  • There’s no downtime, so you can resume regular activities, exercise, or work as needed.

Why Veinwave?

Veinwave delivers many advantages that other remedies for spider veins do not. For one, it’s a gentler alternative to laser therapy, which may leave the skin blotched or burned. It’s especially helpful for men and women with sensitive skin.

Veinwave treatments are furthermore considered to be an affordable option – considering it improves confidence, and makes us feel better about ourselves. Many patients will agree that this feeling is priceless.

Other advantages of the Veinwave therapy include that pain and bruising is relatively rare. The results are immediate and permanent, and there’s a low risk of scarring. Veinwave is good for just about anyone, including light and dark complexions.

If you’re one of the millions of patients with embarrassing spider veins, consider Veinwave as a viable and nonsurgical treatment option. Spider veins affect close to half the population and is largely inherited. It can also be caused by sitting or standing for a long period of time – repetitively, or by not getting sufficient exercise.

Ask a Veinwave provider today if Veinwave therapy is right for you.